Economic Sustainability Support

e-shape aims to support the long-term economic sustainability and – where applicable – the commercialisation of each pilot (be these original or onboarded).

A comprehensive support package offering the tools required to develop robust business plans or long-term economic sustainability strategies will be developed and made available to the pilot partners. Several of these tools will also help the greater EO solution providers community.

/ Market Trends Observatory (Insights)

The Market Trends Observatory (Insights) provides market and technology intelligence for EO companies. It monitors developments and trends in underlying drivers that are defining and changing the EO sector, but also the thematic areas (i.e. e-shape Showcases) which it supports. Analyses are presented in the shape of online articles, pointing out opportunities coming from market activities, technological developments, policy and regulation, or specific events. As a component of the e-shape Sustainability Booster, these insights aim to serve as a starting point for shaping products and services towards market-driven, economically sustainable solutions.


IP & innovation Office

/ IP and Innovation Office (IIPO)

The e-shape IP and Innovation Office provides first-hand advice and on-demand support on intellectual property (IP) and innovation. The services are aimed at assisting the e-shape pilots with their commercialisation efforts, as well as supporting the broader EO ecosystem, composed of EO companies in different stage of their development, research institutes, researchers and entrepreneurs, and investors or investees. The IIPO will provide regular materials on relevant topics and initial FAQs on how to get started with commercialisation, innovation and IP. Furthermore, a tailored on-demand support will be offered and shall result in case-specific advices from our team, which combines expertise in EO, innovation, and IP.

/ eomall

eoMALL  is a web platform dedicated to the promotion and the sale online of Earth Observation services. This tool is thought for those potential customers that are advanced user or customer of EO solutions, by enabling the service comparison and access to selling points; and to the service provider, EO companies, seeking to increase their outreach.

eoMALL for e-shape acts as a “window to the market” for providers involved in the project to effectively reach end-users, and for end-users to easily browse through the EuroGEOSS-enabled products and services.

This platform is integrated in e-shape as it gives the opportunity to acquire and pass on knowledge of importance to the community, facilitating this user-provider interaction.



/ eowiki

eoWIKI aims to support the awareness and the communication of EO activities from Academy, Research and the commercial sector. It is a tool to display to non-EO users how EO is currently used, develop the awareness of EO users which are not specialists and to promote EU capabilities. eoWIKI for e-shape will enhance the promotion of the e-shape pilots and the engagement with new communities of users through e-shape pilots' success stories and best practices, pinpointing gaps and opportunities from the end-user point of view, and presenting trends on technology and marketplace developments.

/ Investment Readiness Support

The Investment Readiness Support activities offer a tool that enables the identification of investment and funding opportunities relevant for EO companies (the Investment & Funding Landscape Navigator) alongside expert guidance in choosing and approaching such instruments. Our experts will provide (i) templates, (ii) individual coaching and mentoring, (iii) training in preparation of pitch decks and pitches, as well as (iv) investment-readiness webinars on topics such as attracting investors, understanding term sheets, or staging equity investments.

Investment Readiness Support

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