Pilot 7.2 | Urban resilience to extreme weather - climate service

Pilot 7.2 | Urban resilience to extreme weather - climate service

The pilot application is focusing on the sponge city concept and atmospheric phenomena concerning the safety in and around cities. The application focuses on Urban Heat Index, drought and precipitation and provides methods for impact studies and evaluation of different adaptation strategies. Post-processing models will be used for seasonal and shorter-term forecasts and all will be combined with in-situ observations. A seamless product portfolio will help road maintenance companies and city authorities in managing impacts of snowfall events.

/ Objectives
  • Aggregation of multiple spatial and temporal scales (forecasting and observations)
  • Develop and establish climate services to assess the risk of urban hazards and to support the reduction of risks in cities and their surroundings by appropriate adaptation strategies
  • Support of climate adaptation on the local scale; strengthening resilience and adaptive capacity
/ Partners


/ Key Users

Cities and municipalities in Finland, Germany, and Austria

/ Key Datasets

C3S seasonal forecast data, S2S database, and HARMONIE NWP, AROME, INCA model forecasts

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