Pilot 1.4 | Agro industry

Pilot 1.4 | Agro industry

Providing services able to support agriculture activities to resist and adapt to climate change and at the same time ensuring the increase of productivity in a sustainable manner.
Showcasing that Copernicus data sets combined with the necessary in-situ data (collected based on information collected from farm machines, industry experts and field sensors), weather and soil data can deliver improved information for-and deliver economic value to European agricultural industry and farmers.
The concept is built upon a smart combination of in situ, weather and EO data. Data collected in the GEOGLAM pilot of the Agricultural showcase will be adapted to address the needs of the agro industry.

/ Objectives

• Provide improved indicators for agricultural monitoring based on in situ, meteo, soil and RS data, addressing the needs of agro industry and farmers
• Support agro consultants in their advice to farmers
• Demonstrate methodologies implementable at field level

/ Partners


/ Key Users

Farmers, Agri-consultants, Policy Makers, Agricultural Cooperatives (Green farm), Industry (Verduyn)

/ Key Datasets

Earth Observation datasets:

Sentinel data (S1-S2, S3), Proba-V
EO derived parameters/indices (e.g. LAI, phenology, start of season, end of season crop biomass.)

In-situ datasets when available:
crop type, yield measurements Atmospheric and soil measurements (soil temperature, humidity (multi-depth), ambient temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation, leaf wetness, rainfall volume, wind speed and direction).

Meteo datasets/Services:
Standard and Open Meteo data and services (e.g. precipitation, forecasts

Soil data base spectral library, Citizen sourced streams of data.


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