Pilot 4.3 | myVARIABLE

Pilot 4.3 | myVARIABLE

Commitments for biodiversity conservation require, inter alia, the assessment of the status and trends of biodiversity. For the key users, this translates into an increased demand for relevant and easily accessible biodiversity information. In this context, GEO BON, one of the flagships of GEO, is developing the framework of the Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) [1]. The EBVs are a minimum set of complementary measurements that capture major dimensions of biodiversity change, and are produced by integrating primary observations, (from e.g. in-situ monitoring or remote sensing), in space and time [2]. The production chain of EBVs often requires the use of models and ancillary data and should be documented in open and reproducible workflows [3]. The portal developed by GEO BON will deliver those EBVs to users, at various scales, and will allow on the fly calculations and visualisations of trends. The portal will provide access to the Remote Sensing enabled EBVs [4] developed within the ESA GlobDiversity and H2020 NEXTGEOSS projects.

/ Objectives
  • Improve the services and functionality of the EBV data portal to respond to key users' needs, to provide access to and link discoverable and harmonized EBV datasets from one unique location, specifically fostering accessibility to EBV datasets from Site Groups SG1-SG3 (eLTER, Protected Areas)
  • Produce and publish workflows for the delivery of the RS-enables EBVs of the GlobDiversity and NEXTGEOSS projects into the EBV portal.
  • Apply the EBV conceptual framework and ECOPOTENTIAL "narratives" approach to a wider range of sites by further specifying the eLTER RI standard observation program in the field of biotic variables.
/ Partners


/ Key Users

The main users are the research community, monitoring agencies that inform ministries (e.g. CBD reporting),NGOs, industries interested in sustainable production and supply chains about biodiversity.

/ Key Datasets

In situ data (S) from the eLTER sites, derived EO data products (AS): NPP, LAI, Canopy chlorophyll concentration, Land surface phenology, ecosystem extent and fragmentation, vegetation height, habitat change, derived EO data products from the ECOPOTENTIAL project.

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