Pilot 3.3 | Merging offshore wind products

Pilot 3.3 | Merging offshore wind products

Resource assessment offshore is an important task, undertaken prior to the siting of wind farms. In situ 10min measurements are the most accurate, the installation and maintenance of offshore meteorological masts is of high cost and their spatial distribution limited. Offshore wind atlases from space-bourne scatterometer and SAR retrieved winds are currently available online for various atmospheric heights relevant for wind energy applications. A first attempt to unify the different atlases has already been attempted. In 2018, DTU Wind Energy has a goal to develop a new, unified wind product by merging scatterometer and SAR ocean surface winds

/ Objectives
  • A new, unique and unified wind product from existing EO data.
  • Improve offshore wind resource estimates, thus helping wind farm planning and development and promoting the use of EO data
  • The new, unique product can be further customised upon request from the offshore industry, thus creating the ground for a potential commercial activity.
/ Partners


/ Key Users

Offshore wind farm developers, offshore wind farm operators, consultants for offshore wind farm siting and resource assessment, research, academia, educators

/ Key Datasets

10 m wind speeds retrieved from scatterometers (ASCAT & QuikSCAT), 10 m wind speeds from ENVISAT ASAR and Sentinel-1 A/B, In Situ measurements (from CMEMS), meso-scale model outputs for long-term stability correction.

/ ID Card
Expected outcome of the pilot

The final product will be an integrated web service where users can:

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