Pilot 1.3 | Vegetation-Index Crop-Insurance in Ethiopia

Pilot 1.3 | Vegetation-Index Crop-Insurance in Ethiopia

The project provides a financial service delivery to smallholder farmers in Ethiopia with a geodata-driven risk-mitigation (insurance) product that offers a basic safety net to protect them against weather related perils. This pilot will build on the existing ‘VICI’ single-peril drought-insurance product from the G4AW funded GIACIS project (Geodata for Innovative Agricultural Credit Insurance Schemes) which is targeted at Ethiopian small holder farmers in 4 key-regions of Ethiopia: Oromia, SNNPR, Amhara and Tigray, who cultivate Tef, Wheat, Barley, Maize and Sorghum.
ITC/UT will coordinate the pilot, prepare the NDVI-index and EUMETCAST system, develop a weather App and provide training & e-support to transfer know-how to Ethiopian partners. IIASA will develop a field validation App and provide training and e-support to transfer know-how to Ethiopian partners. MEKELLE will install and maintain the EUMETCast system and receive training/support. Some tasks, especially those associated with training in farmers’ fields, data collection, analytics on App use and feedback/improvements on the system will be contracted out.

/ Objectives

• Assist farmers with actionable advices,
• Support farmers to CAP conformance,
• Crop type mapping and monitor CAP’s Greening obligations,
• Crop identification through the use and fusion of EO, in-situ and crowd sources data.

/ Partners


/ Key Users

KIFIYA, ATA, IFAD, MoA, MoF, State Banks, Public Finance Enterprise Agency, Insurance companies, Farmers

/ Key Datasets
  • Existing 1km SPOT-VGT & PROBA-V 3rd NDVI Catalogue
  • Future BDRF-inversion adjusted 1km Spot-VGT & PROBA-V NDVI Catalogue
  • Future BDRF-inversion adjusted 1km Sentinel-3 SYNERGY VGT-S like NDVI-Product
/ ID Card
Expected outcome of the pilot

Support to maintain, test and improve the VICI Product - An NDVI-based Crop Insurance product covering impacts by drought, as is being sold and supported by various local and international partners in Ethiopia. e-shape caters for required product maintenance and for knowledge transfer from ITC to Mekelle University.  Key to this process is the use of GeoNetcast channels (Eumetsat) and required compatibility of the past 20 years NDVI-data with 'future' BRDF-adjusted Sentinel-3 300m NDVI data. Index validation, and studies to employ other RS-derived indicators to optionally insure additional perils, are also part of e-shape. Use of BRDF-data has gained importance to improve past and future platform and sensor compatibility.

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