Pilot 1.2 | EU-CAP Support

Pilot 1.2 | EU-CAP Support

The main objective of this pilot is to support farmers towards the transition from CAP compliance to Farm performance. More specifically, the pilot will help the Farmer transition towards Smart Farming, i.e. the provision of tools that support not only the compliance with CAP but also assist the adoption and implementation of Smart Farming practices. This pilot will showcase that Copernicus data sets combined with the necessary in-situ data (collected based on existing networks and through citizen sourced streams), weather and soil data can deliver improved information products to support the use of EO data for Smart Farming services offering information and/or actionable advice on Yield Prediction, Soil Erosion, applying environmental-friendly practices in agricultural production, and Crop Suitability (based on soil and climate conditions).
The concept is building upon NP’s solution and the developed algorithms and methods resulting from the related work of VITO (e.g. in yield prediction) and NOA in related research and innovation initiatives.

/ Objectives

• Assist farmers with actionable advices,
• Support farmers to CAP conformance,
• Crop type mapping and monitor CAP’s Greening obligations,
• Crop identification through the use and fusion of EO, in-situ and crowd sources data.

/ Partners


/ Key Users

GAIA EPICHEIREIN, Agriculture Cooperatives, Agro-consultants

/ Key Datasets

Earth Observation datasets: raw Sentinel data (S1-S2, EO derived parameters/indices (e.g. phenology and bio parameters, etc.)
In-situ datasets such as: Atmospheric and soil measurements (soil temperature, humidity (multi-depth), ambient temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation, leaf wetness, rainfall volume, wind speed and direction).
Meteo datasets/Services: Standard and Open Meteo data and services (e.g. precipitation, forecasts
Other: Soil data base spectral library, Citizen sourced streams of data.

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Expected outcome of the pilot

The final product will be a set of smart farming products and services, such as crop classification, crop growth indices, dynamic phenology estimation, phenology forecasting, yield estimation, yield damage assessment. The final set of products and services that will be offered will depend on available data and user interactions. The aforementioned services could be customized and fine-tuned to target different stakeholders, i.e. farmer, agri consultants, insurance companies and CAP stakeholders. The baseline methodologies are general and user specific customizations will produce targeted services to the various users.

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