Pilot 7.6 | Super resolution air quality monitoring service

Pilot 7.6 | Super resolution air quality monitoring service

Air quality issues are directly related to the well-being of populations; the European Environmental Agency has recently reported that more than 300,000 deaths in Europe are directly linked to poor air quality. Moreover, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently updated its standards and guidelines regarding air quality emphasizing on the increasing contribution of human activities (eg. transportation, industry, heating and so on) to the ambient air quality and the necessity to decrease these emissions to save lives. 

In this e-shape pilot we are providing high precision air quality monitoring service using EO based data combined with in-situ measurements. Our aim is to downscale available data from satellite observation. Doing so, we will provide a competitive service that fills the gap between the local in-situ sensors data, and the lower resolution, global satellite data.

The focus within the pilot will be on modelling high precision CO and CO2 data. All developments are in-line with the World Health Organization standards, with short- and long-term exposures thresholds.

The final service is a decision-making dashboard presenting the evolution of air quality, moving from the city level as provided today by satellite observations to the neighborhood level.

/ Objectives
  • [Technical] Provide 1km*1km CO and CO2 modelled data from satellite earth observations and in situ data
  • [Technical] Provide data quality flags and uncertainty estimations for each modelled datasets
  • [Technical] Integrate the output data to the GEO catalogue and the NextGEOSS data catalogues
  • [Community] Liaise with the e-shape community to further develop synergies and new projects
  • [Business] Deliver the service to 3 customers
/ Partners
Integrated Carbon Observation System – ICOS
/ Key Users

National, regional and local authorities for decision making information and tools in addition to the General public for public awareness.

/ Key Datasets
  • Level 2 – Sentinel5P data
  • CAMS air quality dataset
  • OCO-2 level 2 and level 3 data
  • ICOS datasets

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