Pilot 6.6 | MountaiNow

Pilot 6.6 | MountaiNow

Climate change is changing mountains, creating new needs for safety and adaptation.

MountaiNow – a live-map of mountain hazards for the Alps – was created to address these needs.

The e-shape pilot proposed by OneEarth, in partnership with Applica, ExoLabs, and Planetek Italia, is about achieving a major upscaling of MountaiNow for Europe and the world, also ensuring sustainability.

Highly innovative is the combination of real-time crowdsourcing, space insight (e.g. Copernicus Sentinel data), Big Data analytics, Machine Learning, and guided navigation – offering a new/unique set of actionable information.

MountaiNow is a year-round service, fully operational and live as mobile app (android, iOS) and web-app at  www.mountainow.net.

/ Objectives
  • Co-design and launch a premium market-ready version of MountaiNow
  • Achieve major upscaling of MountaiNow at national and international scale
  • Building on GEO principles, enable a breakthrough in the downstream use and exploitation of complementary data sources such as crowdsourcing and satellites
/ Partners

One Earth sàrl – MountaiNow, Applica srl, ExoLabs gmbh, Planetek Italia

/ Key Users
  • Mountain enthusiasts (individuals, friends, families) and groups (e.g. Alpine Clubs)
  • Environmental services (e.g. public/private offices, safety/accident prevention institutions)
  • Tourism industry (e.g. sport equipment retailers, tourism offices)
/ Key Datasets
  • In-situ datasets: crowdsourced observations collected via MountaiNow
  • Satellite datasets: ESA Sentinel-2 A/B, NASA Landsat 7/8
  • Topographic datasets: Swisstopo, IGN, Opentopo
/ ID Card
Expected outcome of the pilot

The final product will be an advanced live-map of mountain hazards for Europe and the world – integrating complementary Earth observation sources (e.g. crowdsourcing, satellite). Important outcomes will be a major upscaling at national and international scale as well as a large user uptake across public and private markets.

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