Pilot 1.5 | Linking EO and Farm IoT for Automated Decision Support

Pilot 1.5 | Linking EO and Farm IoT for Automated Decision Support

Integrating free and open data, especially the Earth observing Copernicus Sentinels, into the decision support system (DSS) of growers around the world to improve daily decision making is vital to improving and sustaining vineyards and orchards as well as other fruit production. Depending on the regional climatology, different water regimes and plant specific information is needed to adequately support daily operations and the dense temporal Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 image coverage can significantly improve information access and content.

Climate change is affecting local production of agricultural commodities. Fruits, including grapes produced in vineyards and other fruits that are grown in orchards can be significantly affected by a number of climatic and environmental changes which reduces productivity and potentially affects the entire harvest. By linking EO data with ground measurements from Internet of Things (IoT) devices providing in-situ field measures, automated farm management systems can provide farmers and growers with actionable and timely information to improve their productivity and farming solution sustainability.

/ Objectives
  • To strengthen European agri-tech innovators through the integration of Copernicus Sentinel products and services around the world
  • Improve vineyard and orchard decision support systems (DSS) through the integration of open EO and other geospatial information
  • Develop novel EO and IoT fused information technologies applicable to vineyards and orchards
  • Encourage competitive smart agriculture to support small holder and sustainable vineyard and orchard farming practices
/ Partners

Riscognition GmbH and eVineyard (ELMIBIT d.o.o.)

/ Key Users

Grape and fruit growers around the world

/ Key Datasets

Earth Observation datasets: Sentinel imagery (S1, S2, and S3)

Copernicus land monitoring services

Farm in-situ IoT based soil moisture measures

Historical crop/field specific data when available

/ ID Card
Expected outcome of the pilot

The service will provide timely information about vegetation conditions and soil moisture for grape and fruit growers. The information is derived from EO time-series and delivered through standard APIs. These APIs will be directly integrated in the farm management system and enhanced through in-situ IoT sensor data. The farmer receives actionable information supporting management decisions such as about irrigation and harvest.

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