first call for EO-based products 2020 was a success !

e-shape has welcomed during the annual General Assembly from 19-21 October 2020, the 5 new pilots of the Call for EO-based products 2020 that will join the e-shape consortium expanding the EuroGEO community.

The 5 new pilots are and are led by:

  1. Riscognition GmBH: Linking EO and Farm IoT for Automated Decision Support (Showcase Agriculture)
  2. NASU-SSAU: SDGs indicators assessment service (2.4.1 and 15.3.1) (Showcase Agriculture)
  3. Water Insight B.V: EO based phytoplankton biomass for WFD reporting (Showcase Water)
  4. Planetek: Rheticus® AquaculturePlus (Showcase Water)
  5. DHI GRAS A/S: WindSight - First class input data for wind energy models (Showcase Energy)

second call for EO-based products 2020 was a success !

We are glad to welcome five new sharp EO-based services.

The 5 new Pilots are and are led by:

  1. FRIEND Flood Risk & Impact assEssment through automatic chaNge Detection of S-1+S-2 images, MEEO, Italy (Showcase Disasters)
  2. DynaCrop – unlocking EO services for the food production value chain, World from Space, Czech Republic (Showcase Agriculture)
  3. EYWA (EarlY WArning System for Mosquito-Borne Diseases), National Observatory of Athens, Greece (Showcase Health)
  4. Super resolution air quality monitoring service, Murmuration SAS, France (Showcase Climate)
  5. MountaiNow, One Earth Sarl, Switzerland (Showcase disasters)