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Agrowth | stay tuned and don't miss the launch of our new e-shape web platform

Agrowth, is a platform which is designed and developed in the context of e-shape's 'S1P2 EU-CAP Support' pilot. 

2nd Virtual EXCELSIOR Workshop: Atmospheric & Climate Research in the EMMENA Region

Don't miss the 2nd Virtual International Workshop on "Atmospheric & Climate Research in the EMMENA Region"

e-shape project at Wind Energy Science Conference | 28th May 15:30-17:10 CEST

Our e-shape partner DTU - Ioanna Karagli, will give an oral speech on "Earth Observation ocean winds for wind energy”

e-shape at European Maritime Day | Online: 21 May 2021 [11.05-12.20pm]

Satellite-based applications in the maritime domain: hands-on the e-shape project

BEYOND Center of Excellence established a new collaboration with the Agriculture Cooperative of Orchomenos

e-shape’s S1P2 EU-CAP Support pilot, in collaboration with S6P4 ReSAgri pilot, support the member-farmers of ASOO with a cotton growth monitoring service that daily provides new maps that indicate the areas of optimal seeding conditions.

e-shape at EGU General Assembly | 26 April 2021

Webinar: Earth Observation based solution supporting disaster resilience: hands-on the e-shape user-centric approach

EARSeL Joint Workshop 2021 EO for sustainable cities and communities

Our e-shape partner EARSC will participate in the EARSeL Joint Workshop 2021 EO for sustainable cities and communities | PLENARY 6: Sustainable Development Goals [4-6 pm CET].

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The e-shape project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 820852