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2nd Virtual EXCELSIOR Workshop: Atmospheric & Climate Research in the EMMENA Region

Don't miss the 2nd Virtual International Workshop on "Atmospheric & Climate Research in the EMMENA Region"

Sargassum Podcast | Predicting Sargassum landings using satellites

Our pilot Pilot 5.4 Sargassum detection for seasonal planning provides insight into the use of Earth Observation marine data through diverse environmental monitoring and drift modelling applications.

e-shape project at Wind Energy Science Conference | 28th May 15:30-17:10 CEST

Our e-shape partner DTU - Ioanna Karagli, will give an oral speech on "Earth Observation ocean winds for wind energy”

e-shape at European Maritime Day | Online: 21 May 2021 [11.05-12.20pm]

Satellite-based applications in the maritime domain: hands-on the e-shape project

The next revolution in satellite data exploitation, after GPS & weather forecast

Read the interesting article, from our pilot EO-based surveillance of mercury pollution, published in the United Academics Magazine.

BEYOND Center of Excellence established a new collaboration with the Agriculture Cooperative of Orchomenos

e-shape’s S1P2 EU-CAP Support pilot, in collaboration with S6P4 ReSAgri pilot, support the member-farmers of ASOO with a cotton growth monitoring service that daily provides new maps that indicate the areas of optimal seeding conditions.

e-shape at EGU General Assembly | 26 April 2021

Webinar: Earth Observation based solution supporting disaster resilience: hands-on the e-shape user-centric approach

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The e-shape project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 820852