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Dive into our new onboarded pilot "FRIEND"

e-shape pilot 6.5 | FRIEND has developed an informative factsheet entitled "FLOOD RISK & IMPACT ASSESSMENT THROUGH AUTOMATIC CHANGE DETECTION OF S1+S2 IMAGES".

Online Webinar of the "Health Surveillance Air Quality | HSAQ" Pilot

e-shape pilot 2.3 organized, on the 1st of April, a successful dedicated webinar to the Health Surveillance Air Quality [HSAQ] pilot with the main goal to showcase success stories and results to the general audience.

A case study about our new onboarded pilot EYWA has recently been published

The case study about our pilot EYWA was developed for the European Climate and Health Observatory of the European Environment Agency, entitled “Managing mosquito borne disease through EYWA: an European tool to support public health authorities in preventing epidemics”.

e-shape at JUMP2EXCEL workshop

Our e-shape pilot 3.2 | High photovoltaic penetration at urban scale participated in the online PEARL PV Workshop WG3: Modelling of PV Potential and Performance.

Pilot 2.1 | EO-based surveillance of mercury pollution and...the air we breath

e-shape Pilot 2.1 | EO-based surveillance of mercury pollution through dedicated outreach actions sheds light on the global concern of mercury as a global pollutant.

Read the dedicated article about the EYWA system in the Horizon magazine!

How observations from space help scientists get one step ahead of the tiny but deadly mosquito? 

e-shape at Copernicus Horizon 2035 Conference!

Our Raphaëlle Barbier, PhD candidate at MINES ParisTech, successfully participated in Copernicus Horizon 2035 Conference that took place in Toulouse, on the 17th of February, with more than 2000 participants.

e-shape pilots at the 5th H SAF User Workshop

e-shape pilot 6.2 | GEOSS for Disasters in Urban Environment had a strong presence in the 5th H SAF User Workshop supported by EUMeTrain that was held in online mode from 24th to 28th January 2022.

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The e-shape project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 820852