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e-shape sheds...light on the potentials of the nextSENSE system

Our e-shape pilot 3.1 | nextSENSE: solar energy nowcasting and short-term forecasting system participated in the online workshop entitled “EO-based products to improve renewable energy forecasts” held on 27th of September, 2022.

Dialogue series on data sharing and data management principles | starting 5th of September 2022

Data sharing and data management principles need to be advocated in the EO expanding community. GEO Secretariat is launching a service to raise awareness and highlight their importance.

e-shape & WaterForCE H2020 projects in synergy

Our pilot 5.6 | EO based phytoplankton biomass for WFD reporting in synergy with the H2020 project Water-ForCE participated in the webinar that was organized on the 27th of April 2022.

e-shape at EXPANDEO & THE FIRE FORUM 2022

e-shape, the EU-funded H2020 flagship project, promotes and upscales EO solutions in Europe and beyond supporting the sustainable delivery of EO-based benefits to users.

Ηow can you use satellite data to meet the regenerative farming requirements? Our partner DynaCrop brings an answer!

Within the framework of e-shape, our partner DynaCrop, organizes a series of individual workshops with the ultimate goal to shed light on how Earth Observation products can help monitor Soil Organic Carbon variations.

e-shape at the “National Workshop Greece: Satellite-based Services for Disaster Management”

Our e-shape pilot 6.4 | ReSAgri - Resilient & Sustainable ecosystems including Agriculture & food and Senior Research Associate Dr. Nikos Bartsotas from the National Observatory of Athens had a strong presence in EURISY’s national workshop in Greece under the thematic “Satellite-based Services for Disaster Risk Management”.

Earth Observation solutions for sustainable development: hands-on e-shape climate services

On the 7th of June 2022 (09:00 – 16:00 CET) at ITU Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center in Istanbul (Turkey) an e-shape labeled national event was held and presented some of the project’s pilots related to sustainable development and climate change.

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The e-shape project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 820852