Tracking mercury to save lives - article in GEO blog

Our pilot for EO-based surveillance of mercury pollution is supporting the GEO Flagship GOS4M.

GOS4M supports the Minamata Convention on Mercury Secretariat, the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership and the Minamata Effectiveness Evaluation ad hoc group and Global Monitoring framework.

One of the main objectives of our pilot is to provide advanced tools to assess the effectiveness evaluation of measures undertaken by nations to achieve the targets set by COP (Conference of Parties) of the Minamata Convention on mercury. e-shape is developing services related to the health surveillance of pollutants.

Our partner Sergio Cinnirella, Researcher at Italy’s National Research Council (CNR), discussed the work of GOS4M and the role of the GEO Knowledge Hub in delivering data to support to the Parties of the Minamata Convention and delegates.

Read the full article in GEO blog.

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