The nextSENSE groundbreaking web service is here!

The nextSENSE service was implemented, after long research, in the framework of the EuroGEO e-shape’s renewable energy showcase (nextSENSE pilot) and provides continuous monitoring and short-term forecasting of solar energy in real-time for Europe and North Africa.

It is based on Earth Observation data (EUMETSAT’s SAF NWC, Copernicus CAMS), fast radiative transfer models (AMT, 2018), motion flow modeling techniques and high performance computing, enabling almost 50 million simulations in less than 5 minute and an overall dataflow of more than 550 Gb/day. The user through the nextSENSE’s fully dynamical interface will be able to navigate, zoom and click at any pixel of the 1.5 million matrix retrieving solar energy potential information for 3 hours ahead and 3 hours back time horizons at 15-min intervals. 

Contact persons: Panagiotis Kosmopoulos and Stelios Kazadzis.

Pilot 3.1


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