BEYOND Center of Excellence established a new collaboration with the Agriculture Cooperative of Orchomenos

e-shape’s S1P2 EU-CAP Support pilot, in collaboration with S6P4 ReSAgri pilot, support the member-farmers of ASOO with a cotton growth monitoring service that daily provides new maps that indicate the areas of optimal seeding conditions.

Figure 1 shows an instance of the optimal seeding day map, as captured on 13/04/2021. The algorithm that produces the map utilizes soil and ambient temperature predictions for both two days (2 x 2 km) and ten days (25 x 25) ahead from the S6P4 Numerical Weather Predictions (NWP) service that can be found here. Using the service, the farmers are able to search their parcels by name and see if seeding is recommended or not for the coming days. They can additionally see the NWP soil temperature predictions for two days ahead, as shown in the pop up window of Figure 1. During the growing season of 2021 the EU-CAP Support pilot will also provide the ASOO members with crop growth stage estimations and yield predictions. The latter refer to advanced AI based algorithms that have been already developed and are expected to be pilot tested and fine-tuned in real user scenarios.

Stay tuned!!

Press release (in Greek) and Web service


Figure 1: ASOO member-farmers’ parcels in Orchomenos. The map shows with different colors the zones that indicate if a cotton parcel should be seeded or not; «seeding possible but not recommended» with the yellow color and «do not seed» with the red color. The instance was captured on 13/4/2021.



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