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How observations from space help scientists get one step ahead of the tiny but deadly mosquito? 

Each year, nearly three-quarters of a million people die from mosquito-borne diseases, and with climate change the problem is getting worse. EU researchers are giving public health officials the tools they need to take targeted action fast.

‘Before EYWA we didn’t know with much detail the specific areas that represented high risk of transmission of pathogens,’ said Kontoes. ‘With EYWA we have precise, and more detailed knowledge about the settlements mosquitos are expected to develop. Knowing this in advance, public health authorities can take early measures to combat the mosquito presence.’

The system is helping local officials to get one step ahead of a mosquito outbreak by providing a vital early warning to take preventative action. It combines advanced modelling with Earth Observation data from the Copernicus satellites, alongside latest health, entomological (the branch of zoology concerned with the study of insects), citizen and environmental insights.

There was a special mention to the onboarding of EYWA to the e-shape community.

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