From Space to Ground | Renewable energies & environmental impacts event

6 academic scientists and researchers from Greece and France joined forces to share their experiences and research results and discuss the most resent innovations from Space to Ground, for renewable energy to environmental impacts assessments.

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Within the framework of e-shape, BEYOND Centre of EO Research and Satellite Remote Sensing of the National Observatory of Athens, the Center for Observation, Impacts, Energy of MINES ParisTech and the French Institute of Athens organized, on the 5th of October 2021 [18:00 CET], a conference dedicated to renewable energies and their environmental impacts.

Energy is a key driver for supporting human activities. From cooking to communicating, from moving to travelling, in our daily activities, energy is a solution but also an issue regarding climate change. Nowadays energy is indeed mostly produced from fossils and contributes to Green House Gases (GHG) emissions that reinforce climate change.

Adaptation to climate change is one of the solutions to preserve humanity but mitigation can make the impacts of climate change less severe by preventing or reducing GHG emissions into the atmosphere. The mitigation must apply to energy, as stated by the United National Environmental Program (UNEP) with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 “Affordable and Clean Energy”.

The energy transition implies a drastic change of the way of producing, transporting and consuming the energy. In this transition, efficiency and energies with the minimum of GHG emissions will help to mitigate climate change.

To provide information for enhanced decision making, to monitor, manage and forecast the renewable energies resources, to support the decrease of environmental impacts of renewable energy, to support the transformation of the energy sector and to help the energy transition, Earth Observation is major tool bringing an overarching point of view and a support to decision making that cannot be accessed otherwise.

This conference aimed to reach the wider public by bringing together leading academic scientists and researchers in the domain of interest from France and Greece.

In the event, almost 40 people attended the auditorium and 200 participated virtually.

Read the full press release in Greek & French

YouTube video of the event in French:

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