EuroGEO workshop “Technology transfer in the EO sector in Europe” side event

Join us on Tuesday 21 September 2021 [14:00 - 16:00] at a session organized by e-shape.

This webinar will introduce participants to key elements and concepts in the domains of knowledge and technology transfer.

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14:00 Christian Hackl (European IP Helpdesk) Technology Transfer

15:00 Lefteris Mamais (e-shape project - Evenflow) Intellectual property and innovation in the Earth Observation sector – the case of e-shape’s IP and innovation office

The event “Technology transfer in the EO sector in Europe” consists of two presentations. One delivered by the European IPR Helpdesk, and the second, delivered on behalf of the e-shape’s IP and innovation office (IIPO).

The overall goal of the event is to raise awareness for the innovation and IP aspects related to commercialising EO product/services and provide best practices related to market entry. The addressees of the event include everyone in the EO sector with the intention of commercialising product/services, such as research institutions, autonomous researchers, start-ups and projects (especially research and innovation-focused). They are to be provided with general guidance on Technology transfer, including available support, technology screenings, risk management and licensing. The second part of the webinar will look into the e-shape IIPO and discuss the innovation and IP guidance (under the form of passive or active support) the IIPO makes freely available to EO actors: both within the e-shape project, and to the broader EO ecosystem.

EuroGEO workshop 2021 agenda

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