Earth Observation solutions for sustainable development: hands-on e-shape climate services

On the 7th of June 2022 (09:00 – 16:00 CET) at ITU Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center in Istanbul (Turkey) an e-shape labeled national event was held and presented some of the project’s pilots related to sustainable development and climate change.

The first part of the workshop set the stage by introducing the audience to EO markets trends and the potential of satellite applications for the use and benefit of specific users categories with a particular focus on the policy development and funding opportunities.

The second part was dedicated to the presentation of pilots projects, involved in a co-design process with users, industry and policy makers to deliver sustainable EO solutions and to maximise the value for users. The presenters provided hands-on training and users’ benefit.

The format foreseed a Q&A and was meant to be interactive engaging with the through live pools and request for feedback useful to inject in the co-design methodology of the service development.

The e-shape workshop:

• Introduced EO-based applications developed through the project within the selected e-shape 7 thematic showcases among Agriculture, Health, Energy, Ecosystem, Water resources, Disaster Resilience, Climate;
• Integrated the EO-based applications into users’ daily workflows;
• Brought together research, end users and civil society that want to benefit from the understanding and entering the EuroGEO initiative;
• Informed the participants about what the pilot’s service will grant access to in terms of Copernicus data and user’s benefit;
• Fostered discussions and exchange about opportunities and challenges with new potential users of EO-based applications;
• Injected knowledge exchanges on co-design methodologies to develop the operational uptake of mature EO-based services.

The event also attracted the attention of the Turkish media with the e-shape project being in the foreground.

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