EARSeL Joint Workshop 2021 EO for sustainable cities and communities

Our e-shape partner EARSC will participate in the EARSeL Joint Workshop 2021 EO for sustainable cities and communities | PLENARY 6: Sustainable Development Goals [4-6 pm CET].

Fracesca Piatto will present how e-shape is "Fostering and bridging the European Earth Observation Ecosystem" at the joint virtual workshop.


The challenge

This abstract focuses on the development and coordinated approach to support research communities bringing their innovative ideas to serve policy makers and boost innovation in the field of Sustainable Development Goals and environmental policies. EuroGEO [1] is the European Commission’s programme aimed at supporting this vision through e- shape[2], the main implementing project thatshowcases the strength and contributions of European EO capabilities with and for the users. e-shape raises visibility and understand of th e EO markets across a wide range of applications represented by the 27 pilots grouped into 7 showcases (food security and agriculture, health, renewable energy, ecosystem, water resources, disasters, and climate). The abstract will present and analyse one of the pilots, the nextSENSE service and its development process of scaling up from research to business service, bringing significant socio-economic and environmental benefits to its respective user communities.

Outlook for the future

e- shape helps develop the pilots themselves to reach a TRL 8-9 level. In the coming year, these will be available to the EO community. NextSENSE will engage with related stakeholders and end-users, with a view to uptake the commercialisation and internationalisation of the service in the related service industry (Solea | Solar Energy Applications) also through the novel of sustainability booster (see below figure 1, commercialisation phase). In a broader vision, an onboarding process has been established t o ensure the legacy of the e-shape project, “bringing new needs” and the latest advances in the EO. This process will allow further 5 new pilots in 2021 to access the e-shape consortium and support EuroGEO vision; they will also benefit from the experience gained during the project, including co-design methodologies, deployment support, users’ uptake, capacity building & liaison, sustainability & upscaling, communication, dissemination & Help Desk.

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