e-shape sheds...light on the potentials of the nextSENSE system

Our e-shape pilot 3.1 | nextSENSE: solar energy nowcasting and short-term forecasting system participated in the online workshop entitled “EO-based products to improve renewable energy forecasts” held on 27th of September, 2022.

Our partner Ilias Fountoulakis from BEYOND Centre of the National Observatory of Athens presented, to potential users from the private and academic sectors, the capabilities of the nextSENSE system for solar energy forecasting and nowcasting as well as renewable energy-related services, such as solar energy, aeolian energy and hydroelectric power, from different e-shape pilots.

In addition to the solar energy related products, other potential services related to health and agriculture were presented. At the end of the presentation there was a very constructive discussion regarding the latter services.

The participants were mainly interested in the UVIOS system (for the nowcasting of the ultraviolet index) and feedback for potential new applications relative to the risk of ultraviolet exposure, was received.

Find the full presentation here

Screenshot 2022 09 28 125414


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