e-shape | one of the nine EU-funded Environmental Observations projects

e-shape is one of the nine EU-funded Environmental Observations projects that contribute to upscale Europe’s Environmental Observations capacities and develop solutions meeting specific users’ needs.

Observing the environment from space, from the ground and from mobile platforms provides a constant and consistent flow of information about the health of the planet, the changing climate and the human activities and their impacts. By supporting the GEO initiative and the Copernicus programme, and by funding related research activities in Horizon 2020, the EU is actively contributing to worldwide efforts to build a global observation network.

The specific CORDIS Results Pack showcases the results of several Horizon 2020-funded projects, which have been building on these assets to develop commercial applications, create benefits for our citizens and support better policymaking.This CORDIS Results Pack introduces you to nine EU-funded projects that have been contributing to the efforts to upscale Europe’s EO capacities and to develop solutions meeting specific users’ needs. They are also actively helping to fully realise the EuroGEO initiative.

This Pack provides a short introduction to the 4-year e-shape project that began in May 2019, will continue until April 2023 and is a truly crucial project for establishing EuroGEO and creating benefits from it. E-shape currently brings together 55 partners with the goal of delivering a comprehensive suite of EO services through the implementation of 27 pilots spanning seven thematic areas aligned with the SDGs. Furthermore, the project fosters entrepreneurship and supports the sustainable development of scalable services.

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The CORDIS Results Pack


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