e-shape Market Trends Observatory launched

e-shape has launched its Market Trends Observatory, an activity aiming at providing knowledge to the e-shape Showcases and Pilots as well as to the wider Earth Observation community about relevant developments and trends in markets and technology.

Addressing specific information needs, the insights provided will serve as impulses, but also to create awareness and to translate findings into actionable follow-ups. The Market Trends Observatory is the first stage in the implementation of the e-shape Sustainability Booster and shall also be the starting point for e-shape Pilots to make informed decisions about their products, services, and strategies.

In detail

Market insights to boost the sustainability of your business

We invite you to discover the Market Trends Observatory of e-shape, a service for EO-entrepreneurs at the forefront of the industry. The Market Trends Observatory will continue informing about developments and trends in markets and technology relevant for e-shape Showcases and Pilots. It consists of a set of regularly published articles and expert analyses bringing awareness and deepening the insights into different issues of the industry. The provided findings will specifically serve the e-shape Pilots and provide the information needed for a better decision-making regarding products, services, and strategies. The Market Trends Observatory is the first available component of the Sustainability Booster and soon will be paired with the IP & Innovation Office to further help businesses shaping their sustainability.

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