e-shape delivers two newly developed services!

Our e-shape pilot, Nikos Bartsotas Pilot 4 | ResAGRI from BEYOND Centre of Excellence of the National Observatory of Athens, successfully presented the two new services developed for THESSTO industrial tomato cooperative.

The main objective of the hands-on session was, for the farmers and the administration of the cooperative, to get a full spectrum of the services in order to facilitate the process of adapting it into their operational routine as well as identify opportunities for further enhancement.

Apart from the four main services of ResAGRI that are already mature, two additional services were presented. Specifically, interactive 2d plots over Thessaly from our operational high-resolution NWP model provide 2m-temperature and Surface temperature overlaid with the 2022 cropping season parcels, to identify risks of late spring frost episodes which caused severe destructions during April 2021.

The users expressed enthusiasm and were surprisingly engaged with the weather forecasts (some had remarks and questions on specific model performance issues) while others raised requests for additional parameters such as evapotranspiration.

The discussion was focused on clarification upon thresholds that can cause severe damage from weather perils. Especially for parameters that are not so straight forward such as hailstorm-related indices.





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