e-shape Capacity Building: Reach potential clients & partners with effective communication

Evenflow together with EARSC would like to invite the EuroGEO community and specifically e-shape pilots to a webinar on effective communication that will be held online on the 31st of January 2023 at 15:00 CET.

Communications and marketing present valuable tools for any new product or company, helping to reach the potential customers or partners and convince them of the added value of the product or service proposed. Good branding helps getting across the company’s values, knowledge, and skills in the most efficient way.

To this end, Evenflow’s team of creatives, graphic designers and communication experts strives to produce brands that stand out, tell stories, and invite interaction. During this webinar, we will share our practical and strategic knowledge about branding and positioning, content creation, and stakeholder engagement.

The focus will be on cases relevant to the e-shape pilots and the EuroGEO community to highlight aspects particular to technical companies or products which should be considered and implemented to help the businesses thrive.

During the event, the following topics/questions will be addressed:

  • Branding / co-branding / up-branding scenarios:
    • How to create a branding or use an existing one?
    • How to integrate visual identity?
    • How to position your company in an efficient way?
  • Content creation
    • How to tailor your writing for different audiences?
    • Best practices for a strong visual impact
  • Stakeholder engagement
    • Which channels should you use to reach your audience?
    • Best practices for social media engagement

This webinar follows-up on the content provided by Evenflow on Investment Readiness (recorded webinars on Pitch Training and EU Funding Opportunities for Space Companies) and Intellectual Property (“Technology transfer in the EO sector in Europe”).


15:00 Introduction

15:05 Branding: how to do it right to reach your goals

15:30 Content creation do’s & don’ts

15:55 Engage with your partners and clients: best practices

16:20 Conclusions and wrap-up


Evenflow’s Communication Team: Asaf Covo, Simo Mallis, Elizabeth Miezejeski, Ruuta Skujina

Register here by by 26th January 2023 COB

For any questions do not hesitate to contact Ruuta Skujina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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