e-shape at EuroGEO Webinar | Monday 08 June 10:00 – 16:30 CET

As EuroGEO brings together a large part of the European Earth Observation community, it was essential to maintain the momentum and seize this opportunity to reflect on the initiative and how we can increase its role into GEO and better leverage the benefits GEO can bring to Europe.

To not lose the opportunity of bringing the EuroGEO community together before the GEO Plenary, we have decided to organise an EuroGEO webinar day on 8 June.

It is important to have a state of the play and to reflect together on the next steps, including how to foster the uptake of EO applications and services by users. The context has radically changed in the last months with the approval of two key EU documents on the Green Deal and the ‘A Europe fit for the digital age’ strategy, and it is therefore imperative to see how the Earth Observation community can support those new political directions. This has become particularly critical those last months with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find the webinar-agenda here

Visit the recorded sessions of the webinar at https://ec.europa.eu/info/news/eurogeo-webinar-2020-discussed-future-initiative-and-its-benefits-europe-2020-jun-12_en

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