e-shape at EuroGEO workshop 2021

Join us on Tuesday 21 September 2021 [09:00-12:30]

Demo Session: "Advances made in EuroGEO to deliver user-oriented solutions"

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About EuroGEO workshop

The annual EuroGEO workshop brings together European players interested in and actively contributing to the Global Earth Observations System of Systems (GEOSS).

This edition will focus on the EO-based solutions to support the European Green Deal while bringing the European community actively contributing to the Group on Earth Observations (GEO).

The aim is to:

  • look for synergies across projects and initiatives;
  • offer networking opportunities to the participants; and,
  • discuss how Europe can contribute to the international effort.

Overall, the event will help shaping further the development of the EuroGEO initiative.

Find the full agenda here

e-shape will actively participate in three thematic areas:


09:15 Saskia Buchholz and (German Meteorological service DWD, Germany) e-shape pilot - Urban resilience to extreme weather

10:35 Susanne Weyand (German Aerospace Center, Germany) e-shape pilot - High photovoltaic penetration at urban scale

11:15 Pablo Ezquerro (Geological Survey of Spain, Spain) e-shape pilot - Assessing Geo-hazard vulnerability of Cities and Critical Infrastructures


09:15 Nikolaos Bartsotas (NOA, Greece) e-shape pilot - Resilient and Sustainable ecosystems including Agriculture and food

09:55 Andy Nelson (University of Twente, Netherlands) e-shape pilot - Vegetation-Index Crop-Insurance in Ethiopia

10:35 Miriam Kosmale & Mikko Strahlendorff (FMI, Finland) e-shape pilot - Harvester Seasons


09:15 Lukas Pokorny and Katerina Sebkova (RECETOX, Czechia) e-shape pilot - EO-based surveillance of POPs pollution

09:35 Lucia Mona (CNR-IMAA, Italy) e-shape pilot - EO Data for Detection, Discrimination and Distribution (4D) of Volcanic ash

09:55 Patrick Matgen (LIST, Luxembourg) e-shape pilot - Satellite Earth Observation-derived water bodies & floodwater record over Europe

10:35 Marion Sutton (CLS, France) e-shape pilot - Sargassum Detection for seasonal planning

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