e-shape at EU Global Action on Space | Africa

Our e-shape pilot 2.4 | EYWA - EarlY WArning System for Mosquito-Borne Diseases and pilot 3.1 | nextSENSE: solar energy nowcasting and short-term forecasting system had a strong presence at the event Current and future opportunities for EU-Africa cooperation in the Space domain, organized by the EU Global Action on Space on 6th of September 2022.

At the session “Research as a tool for engagement in space”, our partner from the e-shape Health Showcase, had the opportunity to present the use of space and earth observation technologies in predicting mosquito and mosquito-borne disease outbreaks, the Africa case.

On the other hand, our partner from the e-shape Energy Showcased, presented and discussed how the nextSENSE system can provide solar energy nowcast and forecasts, and how these services have been utilized in African countries. The potential for further use of the system in Africa has been also discussed. NextSENSE has been improved and upscaled in the context of the e-shape project.

Fast fact:

The session focused on showcasing research as a tool for greater collaboration and engagement with the African space community. Particular focus was placed on the opportunities that EU research initiatives can bring for the African partners in the space domain, as well as on current activities and partnerships.

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