Dynamic meeting about field campaigns!

Our e-shape pilot 1.2 | EU-CAP Support had a fruitful meeting, on the 28th of March 2022, with the Agriculture Cooperative of Orchomenos in Voiotia Greece, for upcoming cotton cultivation period.

Dr. Dimitra Loka (Advisor, ELGO DIMITRA) presented based on in-situ inspections of the previous cultivation period, best agricultural practices, analysis of specific cases and how to be proactive in certain challenges (i.e. phytotoxicity).

Ilias Tsoumas (Reseacher, NOA) showcased the results of Agrowth platform use as well as subservices of it in the previous cultivation period. (eg. accuracies of yield prediction and phenology estimation services). Additionally, the available services for this cultivation period, and the common vision for the next actions/activities, were presented to the audience.

The primary purpose of this assembly was to initiate and sustain a lively, productive discussion among the participants, revolving around the finalization of field campaigns and in-situ inspection protocol topic.




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