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During this free webinar you will learn about:

European infrastructures and platforms for Earth observations | Different types of platforms | Platforms based on Ellip | Platforms for the industry | the eoMall | How you can strengthen or join the EuroGEO community - in projects and in GEO

What: In addition to the overview of infrastructure and platforms, we zoom in on a subset of these platforms that are based on Terradue's ELLIP software. NextGEOSS is one of them, and several of the European Space Agency's Thematic Exploitation Platforms (TEPs). We also take a closer look at the eoMall, a platform for the Earth observation industry sector.

Why now: The amount of Earth Observation data and derived products is increasing rapidly. Accessing and processing of these can be complicated and finding the right infrastructure and platform fitting YOUR needs can be cumbersome. Through the H2020 project e-shape, a snapshot of some 40 infrastructures and platforms will give you a better basis for evaluation.

Who is it for: Earth Observation data producers or managers, scientists,citizens, data managers, … H2020 projects participants involved in projects which are a European contribution to GEO

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