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The proposed system aims to support the distributed solar plant energy production management, as well as electricity handling entities and smart grid operations.

This study focuses on the use of cloud motion vectors (CMV) and fast radiative transfer models (FRTM) in the prospect of forecasting downwelling surface solar irradiation (DSSI). Using near-real-time cloud optical thickness (COT) data derived from multispectral images from the spinning enhanced visible and infrared imager (SEVIRI) onboard the Meteosat second generation (MSG) satellite, we introduce a novel short-term forecasting system (3 h ahead) that is capable of calculating solar energy in large-scale (1.5 million-pixel area covering Europe and North Africa) and in high spatial (5 km over nadir) and temporal resolution (15 min intervals).

Kosmopoulos, D. Kouroutsidis, K. Papachristopoulou, P. Ioannis Raptis, A. Masoom , Yves-Marie Saint-Drenan, P. Blanc, C. Kontoes, S. Kazadzis.

Energies 2020, 13, 6555 (pdf)

Pilot 3.1

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