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e-shape pilot mySPACE introduces us to the importance of estimating canopy height over large areas for sustainable ecosystem management.

Canopy height of forests is a fundamental structural and biophysical parameter, useful to a wide variety of environmental studies and applications, such as biodiversity studies; conservation planning; biomass/carbon sources estimation and monitoring forest degradation at a large scale.

There are various solutions for estimating canopy height. For instance, terrestrial manual inspection, airborne imagery, LiDAR, etc. These solutions vary in terms of cost effectiveness, intrinsic methodological limitations and output resolution upper bounds.

Therefore, selecting the most appropriate one is not trivial and depends on the use-case and the available resources.

Partially funded and supported by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Innovation Action programme, within the framework of the e-shape project, the study focuses on the Bohemian Forest.

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