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Two new articles from pilot 1.3 | Vegetation-Index Crop-Insurance in Ethiopia "Geodata for de-risking food systems" and "Continuity of Earth observation-based insurance services – an e-shape experience" have just been released.

Geodata for de-risking food systems

Farming is a risky business. For many farmers, especially smallholder farmers in rainfed systems, their exposure to weather related risks like drought are increasing due to climate change.

Geodata for de-risking food systems” article is about the Vegetation Index Crop Insurance (VICI) product which is operational in Ethiopia, insuring smallholder farmers against drought. VICI was initiated as a Public-Private Partnership between ITC (University of Twente), Kifiya, NMA, PFEA and ATA, funded by the Netherlands Space Office G4AW programme. Ongoing co-development and up-scaling takes place within the H2020 project e-shape. The partners are ITC, IIASA, Mekelle University and VITO.


Continuity of Earth observation-based insurance services – an e-shape experience

In the article “Continuity of Earth observation-based insurance services – an e-shape experience continuity of EO-based products is the main subject. Insurance providers want to know that the technology underlying their insurance service, such as Earth observation technology is available continuously and consistently year after year.

The challenges in VICI e-shape pilot are addressed, to ensure continuity and consistency, particularly noting pilot’s vulnerable role as a “middleman” service provider that is dependent on several other upstream Earth observation service providers.


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