Agrowth | stay tuned and don't miss the launch of our new e-shape web platform

Agrowth, is a platform which is designed and developed in the context of e-shape's 'S1P2 EU-CAP Support' pilot. 

The service will be available through e-shape website soon and in the process of co-design actions, on Monday (31/5/2021), our partner BEYOND/NOA and their AI4EO researchers - Ilias Tsoumas, Alkis Koukos and Vassilis Sitokonstantinou – were kindly invited to the physical general meeting of the Agriculture Cooperative of Orchomenos (ASO) in order to present our brand-new platform Agrowth.  

Agrowth empowers users with intelligent tools which generate knowledge at the parcel level. Specifically, the Agrowth platform combines Earth Observation data from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 missions, along with pertinent vegetation indices, soil and weather data. It makes use of state of the art in Artificial Intelligence in order to support smart farming using EO data. It provides a crop monitoring service which offers information and actionable advice at the parcel level. In the current version, the available services per parcel are Phenology estimation, Weather Forecast (through ResAgri affiliate service), Yield prediction and Vegetation Indices. Furthermore, there are some services for a quick overall view of the state of all available parcels on the map such as Overlay Sentinel-2 Images, Phenology Stage and Crop Classification. 

After the detailed presentation of Agrowth, a fruitful discussion was held with the participation of the farmers. Outcomes of this gathering: 

  1. Agrowth will be a valuable digital consultant for the cooperative and its members in the current growing season of cotton. 
  2. The constant enrichment of Agrowth based on continuous farmers' feedback.



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