a user-centric go-to-market strategy

  • Co-design is used as a toolbox to support the development of the 27 e-shape services in a user-centric approach. Existing co-design methods focusing on user-centricity tend to consider that it is all about involving users in the process. However, these methods are not adapted to the challenges specific to the Earth Observation context - high level of technical expertise needed, and heterogeneity of actors to be involved. Thus, based on recent advances of design theory, a co-design method specific to Earth Observation context is being developed within e-shape, especially including a thorough initial diagnosis process to identify the types of problems to be solved and the actors to be involved.

building on European EO infrastructure assets

  • The goal of e-shape is not to build a new platform but to reveal how to take the best advantage of the existing distributed existing assets. Hence, each pilot will start from existing development. It will be implemented with a user-centric approach building an as easy-to-use as possible service from one end to another end, from data to information provision and/or visualization/exploitation. From the data architecture point of view, e-shape is a federation of platforms and services in the most interoperable way as possible. This will allow flexibility in terms of development and exploitation of data.

User Uptake
supporting pilots to reach the next level

  • e-shape will design and execute a global user uptake approach aimed at promoting the utilisation of EuroGEO-enabled services at sectorial, national/regional and international level. This will be complemented by targeted liaison activities with key communities (e.g. UN-SDGs, GEO, Copernicus, PRIMA, EIPs, etc.) within the greater EO ecosystem but also among non-traditional actors (e.g. EU associations representing primary application sectors in line with the thematic areas of the showcases. In this context, our activities will be guided by a strategic roadmap and an associated action plan and will be facilitated by the execution of a series of different types of workshops.

access to knowledge

Replicating success stories

Valuable market knowledge is provided through the project that will impact strategic and tactical decisions along the entire innovation chain: services are in line with user needs, sound financial planning is in place, IPR is managed, policy perspective in understood, etc.

access to technology

Building synergies

Factsheets will facilitate data access. Data tools will be developed by pilots. The project also coordinates with DIAS to promote access to European cloud computing resources.


access to markets

Achieve sustainability

The project seeks to address the high degree of market fragmentation across Europe through matchmaking and networking actions, allowing complementary synergy between a provider and market positioning to empower market expansion.

access to capital

Provide innovation

The project will provide innovation driven companies with a clear overview of the capital landscape, and training to increase their investment readiness.e-shape will strive to nurture a culture of sustainability driven EO activities. For this to be successful, the innovative solutions provided by the pilots will require access to capital.

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