The 2022 e-shape general assembly is a turning point in our project and activities towards an increasing users’ uptake and towards sustainability of the now 37 pilots we are supporting.

The support of e-shape to EuroGEO within GEO and to the EO community was largely demonstrated since our last GA. The activities and progresses are numerous: fine-tuning and generalization of our co-design methodology, full support to Clouds’ use and platforms interactions, interoperability, in-situ measurement integration, operationalization for each pilot, development of tools for FAIR and GEO principles assessment, Capacity building sessions, Support to investment readiness and business plans development, and of course a lot of fruitful actions on communication, dissemination and awareness. In addition, our activities are also supporting the fourth priority of GEO, adopted by its plenary in November 2021, the urban resilience.

The second phase of development of the pilots, what we called our Sprint 2 is close to its end, and will allow us to capture and synthetize the lessons learnt from our pilots in terms of interoperability, platform usages etc. This Sprint takes into consideration all activities into account across the conveyor belt of e-shape.

This General Assembly is the moment to gather, take stock and exchange on our progresses, our challenges, and setting the path for moving ahead toward users’ uptake and sustainability.

For the second time in e-shape, this large event has to be held online. This is mostly a human challenge, as interactions will be less spontaneous.

But at the same time, it is an opportunity to engage with a larger number of colleagues. Each of us being online on our computers is a great opportunity to show what we are doing, share and engage with our colleagues.

For this event, we dedicated ample time for demonstrating our results through live demos, online engagement and exchanges, and hope this can transmit the sense of community and ownership of e-shape and EuroGEO we all feel.

We will be delighted to “e-meet” on the occasion of the General Assembly, and engage with you.

Thierry Ranchin
Scientific Coordinator of e-shape, ARMINES


Join us to hear the latest insights and help us e-shape the future!