e-shape is a great opportunity to support EuroGEO within GEO and to showcase the strengths and the tremendous contributions of Europe for and with users.

Over the past year, and despite the complex sanitary situation we are in, e-shape has made rapid progresses, setting up its identity and messages,conducting the first initial assessments, developing co-design methodologies and running these over several showcases, performing a status of the European infrastructures, launching the first Sprint across all Pilots, and onboarding new partners. These tremendous progresses were made possible by the commitment and dedication of all teams.

Already the work packages are setting up the infrastructure to further enhance Pilot’s sustainability, which will be at the heart of Sprint 2.

The General Assembly is the moment to gather, take stock and exchange on our progresses, our challenges, and setting the path for moving ahead.

For the first time in e-shape, such large event has to be held online. This is mostly a human challenge, as interactions will be less spontaneous.

But at the same time, it is an opportunity to engage with a larger number of colleagues. Each of us being online on our computers is a great opportunity to show what we are doing, share and engage with our colleagues.

For this event, we dedicated ample time for online engagement and exchanges, and hope this can transmit the sense of community and ownership of e-shape we all feel.

We will be delighted to “e-meet” on the occasion of the General Assembly, and engage with the community.

Thierry Ranchin
Scientific Coordinator of e-shape, ARMINES


Join us to hear the latest insights and help us e-shape the future!

On this page you will find all the information you need to support your attendance and help you maximise your experience throughout the Virtual General Assembly.

Breakout sessions, 19 - 21 October 2020

19 October 2020, 14h00-16h30

Leveraging the EU infrastructures

Speaker: Marie-Françoise Voidrot, OGC, WP3

Introduction to the newly launched H2020 projects

Speaker: Thierry Ranchin, ARMINES, PMT

20 October 2020 14h00-16h30

Tune in to e-shape. Be an e-shape ambassador!

Speaker: Mirka Rossi, WP6, NOA

Guests: Dimitrios Papadakis, Evenflow, Argyro Kavvada, NASA, Allen Caroll, Esri ,Bente Lilja Bye, CEO/BLB, Francesca Piatto, EARSC ,Alessandra Vernile, eurisy 

Easily assess the compliance of your personal data processing!

Speaker: Rachida Bensaïd, Anne-Laure Gaudillat, ARMINES, WP7

21 October 2020 10h30-12h00

S1: Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

Chair: Sven Gilliams, VITO

S2: Health Surveillance

Chair: Nicola Pirrone, CNR

S3: Renewable Energy

Chair: Philippe Blanc, ARMINES

S4: myEcosystem

Chair: Ulf Mallast, UFZ

S5: Water resources management

Chair: Nuno Grosso, DEIMOS

S6: Disasters Resilience

Chair: Haris Kontoes, NOA

S7: Climate

Chair: Mikko Strahlendorff, FMI

Live Poster & demos session, 19 & 20 October 2020

19 October 2020, 10.30h – 11.00h

Rheticus Network Alert to Support the Maintenance of Water Cycle Infrastructures

Speaker: Vincenzo Massimi (Planetek Italia), Technical Specialist Rheticus     

Development of smart farming services based on EO and NWP modelling

Speakers: Haris Kontoes, NOA,  Nikos Bartsotas, NOA, Vasileios Sitokonstantinou, NOA

Guest: Effie Kokoreli, INTERAMERICAN S.A. insurance company

EO-based surveillance of mercury pollution: the GOS4M Knowledge Hub

Speaker: Sergio Cinnirella, CNR and e-shape SC co-Leader, Sergio Cinnirella

Guest: Francesco D’Amore, CNR Italia

19 October 2020 , 12h30-13h00

Rheticus Network Alert to Support the Maintenance of Water Cycle Infrastructures

Speaker: Vincenzo Massimi (Planetek Italia), Technical Specialist Rheticus   

EO-mall/eoWIKI: 2 platforms 1 Earth Observation vision

Speaker: Emmanuel Pajot, EARSC Secretary General and e-shape WP Leader

Guest: Giuseppe Forenza, Planetek Italia    

Contribution to global surveillance of POPs pollution (S2P2)

Speakers: Kateřina Šebková , Richard Hůlek (S2P2 pilot, RECETOX, Masaryk University)

Food Security TEP: Our offering to EO service providers in agriculture and aquaculture

Speaker: Markus Muerth, Vista GmbH 

20 October 2020, 10h30-11h00

openEO: a standard for EO processing

Speaker: Jeroen Dries, VITO

GEOSS for Disasters in Urban Environment: preliminary results

Speaker: Antonio Parodi, CIMA Research Foundation

Geohazards Assessment, from InSAR raw data to added-value products

Speaker: Pablo Ezquerro, IGME researcher and e-shape Showcase 6 Pilot 3 Leader

From NextGEOSS to NextGEOSS

Speaker: Nuno Catarino, Deimos

S5-Pilot5, Marc Cloarec, Deimos (Video)

CREODIAs, bringing processing to the data

Speaker: Stanisław Krzyżanowski, Business Development Specialist CloudFerro sp z o.o.

Rheticus Network Alert to Support the Maintenance of Water Cycle Infrastructures

Speaker: Vincenzo Massimi (Planetek Italia), Technical Specialist Rheticus

Sargassum Algae Monitoring with satellite: from daily operation to seasonal planning

Speaker: Dr. Marc Lucas, Collecte Localisation Satellites

Information content in EO and in-situ data and their added value for hydrological predictions

Speaker: Pechlivanidis Ilias, Senior Researcher (SMHI)