D6.1 Communication Strategy and Action Plan 4 - NOA, Report Public, M3

This deliverable is part of e-shape’s work on Communication. Our main goal is to successfully promote the European engagement in Earth Observation, to communicate e-shape on its targeted audiences, to promote the EuroGEO Initiative, European Space Policy, Copernicus and GEO philosophy beyond the space / scientific community. In order to communicate our messages, influence change and create impact, it is vital that our community speaks with a singular, familiar and influential voice.

The main issue we are trying to address is the lack of recognition of the added-value brought by decades of investments and commitments into the space sector. Citizens, and sometimes decision-makers, cannot relate the value added brought by earth observation to concrete services impacting millions of European citizens in their daily lives.

The key learnings of D6.1 that brings to the e-shape pilots and EO community are:

The next steps after this deliverable is to leverage the communication strategy in a holistic approach.

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