D5.5 – Sustainability Support Package

Within the scope of work package 5 - Sustainability and upscaling, the Sustainability Support Package provides a detailed framework and methodology for assessing the economic and non-economic aspects pertaining to the implementation and sustainable exploitation of EO services as developed by the pilots within e-shape. More specifically, the pilot partners are to receive the necessary support (provided by WP5’s experts) to develop their own business or financial sustainability plans. The D5.5 deliverable - Sustainability Support Package - provides a framework (to be shared with the pilot leaders) intended as a first step in guiding the pilots to develop their business / financial sustainability plans further in the project. “Economic Sustainability Sheets” (accompanied by a guide on use and application) are introduced as tools for capturing key information about core activities thus paving the way towards designing fully-fledged plans – to be subsequently drafted and reported on in deliverable D5.11 “Sustainability or Business Plan per Pilot”.  

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