D5.4 First Annual Report on Innovation and IP Office

To achieve its sustainability objectives, among other tools, developed under work package 5 - Sustainability and upscaling  - e-shape will be designing, setting-up and operating an Earth Observation dedicated “IP and Innovation Office”. Managed by a combined team of IP, Innovation, and EO experts, the “Office” aims to become an online resource, through which pilot partners, primarily, and the greater EO community, secondarily, can gain access to IP and Innovation support either by reaching out or by browsing through readily available materials. Besides making use of best practices associated with existing resources (such as the European IPR Helpdesk, the IP Booster, etc) and “translating” these to match the operational realities of EO actors, the “Office” aims to generate added value by exploiting their outputs, increasing their visibility and generating additional traffic towards them as described in the first dedicated deliverable (D5.4 First Annual Report on IP and Innovation Office). Use and other parameters will be monitored throughout the project to fine-tune services in line with the pilot’s innovation and IP needs. 

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