D4.3 EO Maturity indicators Expansion

The EO Maturity Indicators Methodology (D4.3.), developed as part of work package 4 - Users’ Uptake, Capacity Building and Liaison, seeks to provide decision makers (primarily) and other value chain actors (e.g. research institutes, companies, user communities) with a robust tool for assessing the current state of Earth Observation Activities in their specific countries. In line with e-shape’s brief - act as a catalyst for the sustainable development of EO-based solutions - this tool serves a simple yet very important purpose: identifying and assessing strengths, weaknesses, and gaps to further enable organisations entrusted with the design, development, and exploitation of EO activities to draft future plans and manage ongoing initiatives. In practice, the EO Maturity Indicators Methodology proposes a set of relevant indicators alongside appropriate assessment methodologies to empower all interested parties in acquiring an advanced understanding of i) stakeholder ecosystem, ii) EO enabling infrastructure, iii) uptake across different domains, iv) active partnerships, and v) innovation environment capacity and dynamics. As part of an ongoing process of refinement, the proposed methodology will be presented to country partners to ensure it is simple enough to be implemented for and by any country, ideally on a periodical basis.

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