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e-shape is a unique initiative that brings together decades of public investment in Earth Observation and in cloud capabilities into services for the decision-makers, the citizens, the industry and the researchers.

It allows Europe to position itself as global force in Earth observation through leveraging Copernicus, making use of existing European capacities and improving user uptake of the data from GEO assets.

EuroGEO, as Europe's contribution to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), aims at bringing together Earth Observation resources in Europe.

27 pilot applications under 7 thematic areas address societal challenges, foster entrepreneurship and support sustainable development, in alignment to the three main priorities of GEO (SDGs, Paris Agreement and Sendaï Framework).

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Sustainability Booster

Sustainability Booster

A toolbox of support services to develop their results towards applications that bring value to target users.

e-shape project delivers a boost to the European EO sector. To that end, a ground-breaking approach is implemented whereby a self-standing and, ideally, self-sustainable support office acting as a sustainability booster is set.

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We will support the sustainability of the pilots, their penetration in vertical public and private markets and their upscaling. It will provide all necessary tools such as business plan support, IPR advice, market intelligence, investment readiness and on-line market presence, to foster the sustainable uptake of the pilots. An “on-boarding” procedure will be defined and tested, allowing other teams proposing pilots currently not involved in the original partnership to benefits from and to contribute to E-SHAPE. It will also lay out governance perspectives for the long-term impact of the project.

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A strong marketing tool for Earth Observation companies to promote their services in European and global markets.

eoMall acts as a “window to the market” for providers involved in the project to effectively reach end-users, and for end-users to easily browse through the EuroGEO-enabled products and services.

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EOWiki 2.0 is a modern and dynamically updated environment offering access to knowledge, technology and collaboration opportunities.

The content of the EOWiki 2.0 will be enriched through cross-fertilisation and syndication with ongoing activities run by EARSC (e.g. EOpages), GEO-CRADLE (Networking Platform) and other marketplaces (e.g. Smart-AKIS, KATANA PA marketplace, EIP Water and Smart Cities Marketplaces).

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The key element of e-shape is the ability to on-board further pilots during the project. On-boarded pilots will benefit from the e-shape project support from the experience gained during the project in order to enable a successful outreach including focused workshops and access to the sustainability booster.

The on-boarded pilots will be considered as new partners to the project.

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What Inspires us

“Time has come to demonstrate the effective use of European EO resources consisting of space, airborne, in-situ measurements and citizen observations to prepare for operational environmental forecasting, and for a sustainable climate transition”.

Jean Dusart

“e-shape can significantly increase the collaboration between European EO companies: sharing knowledge, experiences and data; building on each other’s strengths”.

Erwin Goor

“e-shape is a great opportunity to support EuroGEOSS within GEO and to showcase the strengths and the tremendous contributions of Europe for and with users”.

Thierry Ranchin

“e-shape will promote the design and implementation of disruptive new services based on EO. It opens great opportunities with our strategic focus on engineering sciences for the industry 4.0 not only in our research work but also for our students”.

Yannick Vimont

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